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After Working with this guys for over a year I can definitely say they have taken my business to the next level, they created my sales funnel, ad campaigns, email sequences, and landing page with

Luis Martinez

Mike and Solimar are incredible. Not only did they help me map out a killer digital strategy, but they executed it WAY beyond my expectations. HIGHLY recommend these guys!

Tyler Narducci

These guys are so invested in the work that they do. Mike and Solimar really took the time to get to know my business while reassuring me that they could create a really effective marketing campaign for my business. It feels so great to put this work in the hands of experts in their trade. Now I can go do what I do best and trust that the marketing is taken care of!

Catheryn Schoenfarber

I worked with Avery Leaf Brands Marketing for a 3-month stretch earlier this year to try to gain a stronger social media presence for my very small business, as well as to attract more students to my classes. Initially I thought that hiring a marketing professional was not in my budget, but they were willing to tailor a program to fit my needs and my budget. They really took the time to get to know me and my business. I also appreciate that they travelled to see me for our meetings which saved me a lot of time. Not only did they increase my social media following by about 20% in that 3 months, I had higher attendance at my classes by the end of the contract and I learned so much. They took the time to explain things to me that I can be doing myself. That shows that they value a long term relationship over a short term gain and that they truly care about the success of the businesses they work with. I will definitely work with them again the next time I need a boost.

Laura Haley

I worked with Mike to create a geofilter on Snapchat and the results were awesome! He taught me a bit about how the impressions worked and how effective the geofilter was using the data provided by snapchat. Fairly simple project, but the real bonus was the way he conducts business. Communication was prompt and efficient, and he spent time to understand what we were trying to achieve, without being pushy on the other services that Avery Leaf Brands offered. Would recommend for social media needs.

Kevin Duong

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